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Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs

Materials: Paper plates (small size) Chenille sticks (pipe cleaners if you're old-school) Webs (bought from Riot but available at craft shops) Large pom pom and small pom pom per spider Googly eyes Craft glue Cotton tips Stapler Activity: 1. Adult cuts the inside circle out of the paper plate. discard outer circle. 2. Child spreads… Continue reading Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs

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Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

It's a great time of the year to be a kid in our household. We're right in the thick of Birthday Season (when our four children all celebrate their birthdays within a two-month period), and right smack-bang in the middle of that, it's Halloween. So when I say great, I mean expensive and busy. But… Continue reading Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

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Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and producing a cool little monster print, which may be used as a card, framed as a hanging picture, or displayed on a window. Materials: Green paint Black marker Medium-size googly eyes Craft glue Paper plate Glue brush or cotton tip White card Lead pencil Bucket of… Continue reading Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art

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Access All Areas: Organic Cotton Crew Neck Dress by Mothers En Vogue

Fashions and styles have changed drastically since I first started breastfeeding back in 2009. I've usually favoured two-piece outfits (top plus jeans/skirt) for comfort and accessibility. I recently realised I've really missed wearing dresses. It's near impossible to breastfeed in most regular dresses. You either have to hoist them up, exposing everything from your knees… Continue reading Access All Areas: Organic Cotton Crew Neck Dress by Mothers En Vogue


Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.

Sometimes I fantasise about having a career change. Sure, I love teaching and mothering, but occasionally I dream of becoming....... an Uber driver.Why on EARTH?!?!Well, I've been reading a lot about side-hustles lately. I feel my current skill set is perfectly aligned with the job. After all, I practically drive an underage Uber now, only I… Continue reading Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.

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Initial thoughts on the Manduca carrier!

I was recently sent a Manduca baby carrier to review from Fertile Mind! I've popped some initial thoughts in this vlog post: Key points: 100% organic cotton inner Hemp and cotton blend outer shell 3.5kg - 20kg child weight range Three carry positions Lots of colour choices Free Kangatraining lesson Safe babywearing - please… Continue reading Initial thoughts on the Manduca carrier!


You don’t know what you don’t know. 

Photo by Richard Bakarat Photography for Milk and LoveI recently attended a function and was chatting with my good friend Kate about breastfeeding (in particular, the ins and outs of how we were each planning to express/breastfeed/not become breastmilk fountains during work hours). We were both returning to work after periods of maternity leave. We… Continue reading You don’t know what you don’t know.