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Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs

Materials: Paper plates (small size) Chenille sticks (pipe cleaners if you're old-school) Webs (bought from Riot but available at craft shops) Large pom pom and small pom pom per spider Googly eyes Craft glue Cotton tips Stapler Activity: 1. Adult cuts the inside circle out of the paper plate. discard outer circle. 2. Child spreads… Continue reading Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs

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Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

It's a great time of the year to be a kid in our household. We're right in the thick of Birthday Season (when our four children all celebrate their birthdays within a two-month period), and right smack-bang in the middle of that, it's Halloween. So when I say great, I mean expensive and busy. But… Continue reading Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

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Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and producing a cool little monster print, which may be used as a card, framed as a hanging picture, or displayed on a window. Materials: Green paint Black marker Medium-size googly eyes Craft glue Paper plate Glue brush or cotton tip White card Lead pencil Bucket of… Continue reading Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art


Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.

Sometimes I fantasise about having a career change. Sure, I love teaching and mothering, but occasionally I dream of becoming....... an Uber driver.Why on EARTH?!?!Well, I've been reading a lot about side-hustles lately. I feel my current skill set is perfectly aligned with the job. After all, I practically drive an underage Uber now, only I… Continue reading Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.


You don’t know what you don’t know. 

Photo by Richard Bakarat Photography for Milk and LoveI recently attended a function and was chatting with my good friend Kate about breastfeeding (in particular, the ins and outs of how we were each planning to express/breastfeed/not become breastmilk fountains during work hours). We were both returning to work after periods of maternity leave. We… Continue reading You don’t know what you don’t know. 


Baby Gifts: a Preschool Mummy’s guide

I was on the youngish side when I became a mum for the first time, so not many of my friends had kids yet. But reflecting back on 24-year-old-me, I realise I still had adequate time to commit horrendous offences of the crap gift-giving kind. So, I've decided to write this post as my penance as I beg those friends who… Continue reading Baby Gifts: a Preschool Mummy’s guide