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Spooky Spiderweb Weaving

Today I'm kicking off the week of Halloween-themed craft with this easy and enjoyable activity for kids. Please follow along each day this week for more crafts. This activity uses fine motor skills and mathematical understandings. You can talk to your child about the way in which they use their fingers and hands to carefully… Continue reading Spooky Spiderweb Weaving

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Oktoberfest Brisbane for Kids!

Oktoberfest Brisbane is back for its eleventh year, and it's not just for the grown ups! Our young family of six visited last year for a good dose of German culture. Although all the days are child-friendly, Sundays are especially fun because each child who visits gets two free rides. There was also a pretty… Continue reading Oktoberfest Brisbane for Kids!


WIN Tickets to Oktoberfest Brisbane!

  Oktoberfest Brisbane: Australia’s largest German festival celebrates 10 years  in 2017! MORE THAN 43,000 culture-seeking enthusiasts don their Dirndl and Lederhosen and head to the Brisbane Showgrounds each year as the Oktoberfest Brisbane celebration ignites the city with a rich Bavarian flavour. This year Oktoberfest Brisbane will be held on Oktober 6 - 8… Continue reading WIN Tickets to Oktoberfest Brisbane!

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Access All Areas: Organic Cotton Crew Neck Dress by Mothers En Vogue

Fashions and styles have changed drastically since I first started breastfeeding back in 2009. I've usually favoured two-piece outfits (top plus jeans/skirt) for comfort and accessibility. I recently realised I've really missed wearing dresses. It's near impossible to breastfeed in most regular dresses. You either have to hoist them up, exposing everything from your knees… Continue reading Access All Areas: Organic Cotton Crew Neck Dress by Mothers En Vogue


Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.

Sometimes I fantasise about having a career change. Sure, I love teaching and mothering, but occasionally I dream of becoming....... an Uber driver.Why on EARTH?!?!Well, I've been reading a lot about side-hustles lately. I feel my current skill set is perfectly aligned with the job. After all, I practically drive an underage Uber now, only I… Continue reading Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.


How adopting a puppy changed how I see my kids. 

Eighteen months ago we welcomed a precious, tiny, new family member into our lives. We bought a dog. Now, this probably could seem like a crazy thing for a young family with three kids and two working parents to do. And I'll be the first to admit I had pangs of apprehension even as I… Continue reading How adopting a puppy changed how I see my kids. 

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Five minute Ninja Turtle ornaments your kids can make by themselves!

There are heaps of these bad boys over on Pinterest at the moment. You may have seen them. A lovely Preschool Mummy reader gave me the heads up via email. But here are some that kids actually made: Basic materials and quick process= child-friendly, accessible craft for the little ninja in your life!


Celebrate the Tradition of Giving with Myer Christmas Giftorium

  Retail giant Myer today launched a revolutionary way to shop for the festive season. Myer's Christmas Giftorium will appear in all 67 of its stores nationwide on 8 November 2014. And it's nothing short of incredible. I was invited to be one of the first to experience this new way to shop. I took along my two eldest,… Continue reading Celebrate the Tradition of Giving with Myer Christmas Giftorium