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Create a toddler wardrobe for under $50.

I love a good bargain. I'm that girl who, when complimented on a piece of clothing, gushes about how inexpensive it was. I love buying things on sale, cheap. I don't love "cheap" things. There's a difference. With four kids, shopping for clothes can be very costly. In the past I've ended up with more… Continue reading Create a toddler wardrobe for under $50.

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Lacey Lane’s latest: and an exclusive look at the jewel in the Australiana crown.

Brisbane business sisters Rebecca Krone and Nikki Bowling have been trailblazing the children's designer clothing scene since 2010 when they established the now iconic fashion house, Lacey Lane. I first discovered Lacey Lane back in 2014 when my daughter was a bub and have been a keen supporter of the inspiring local business ever since.… Continue reading Lacey Lane’s latest: and an exclusive look at the jewel in the Australiana crown.

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Decorative Halloween Garland

Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s actually spring where I live. But with an abundance of fluoro orange and black plastic Halloween decorations threatening to overwhelm my decor (Who am I kidding? My home looks like the inside of Toys r Us after the Boxing Day sales), ahem, I thought it would be pleasant to incorporate… Continue reading Decorative Halloween Garland

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Baby and Toddler Finger Painting Halloween Craft – set your OCD aside.

Hi and welcome to day three of Creepy Craft week! Today's craft activity is suitable for babies and children right up to school age (and beyond!), and it's really, really messy! Grab those baby wipes or face washers. Tape out some newspaper and get out the paint! This activity is a wonderful, engaging sensory experience… Continue reading Baby and Toddler Finger Painting Halloween Craft – set your OCD aside.

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Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs

Materials: Paper plates (small size) Chenille sticks (pipe cleaners if you're old-school) Webs (bought from Riot but available at craft shops) Large pom pom and small pom pom per spider Googly eyes Craft glue Cotton tips Stapler Activity: 1. Adult cuts the inside circle out of the paper plate. discard outer circle. 2. Child spreads… Continue reading Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs

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My go-to allergy-friendly snack (hint: it’s cupcakes)

The humble cupcake has become my go-to snack to take along to parties. As a parent of a child with Coeliac disease, I am extra cautious about his exposure to gluten. While Coeliac isn't technically an allergy, he has a reaction to certain allergens, which is what I look for on food packaging and ingredient… Continue reading My go-to allergy-friendly snack (hint: it’s cupcakes)

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Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

It's a great time of the year to be a kid in our household. We're right in the thick of Birthday Season (when our four children all celebrate their birthdays within a two-month period), and right smack-bang in the middle of that, it's Halloween. So when I say great, I mean expensive and busy. But… Continue reading Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

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Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and producing a cool little monster print, which may be used as a card, framed as a hanging picture, or displayed on a window. Materials: Green paint Black marker Medium-size googly eyes Craft glue Paper plate Glue brush or cotton tip White card Lead pencil Bucket of… Continue reading Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art