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Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and producing a cool little monster print, which may be used as a card, framed as a hanging picture, or displayed on a window. Materials: Green paint Black marker Medium-size googly eyes Craft glue Paper plate Glue brush or cotton tip White card Lead pencil Bucket of… Continue reading Frankenstein’s Monster Hand Print Art

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Outing review: Snow 4 Kids Brisbane

Yesterday, Luke and I took our three kids into Southbank Parkland's (The Courier Mail Piazza) to visit the SNOW4KIDS PARK. This is an annual event but it was our first visit. Blaire's now heading for two and we thought they are all now at ¬†good ages to enjoy some snow play. We can't go on… Continue reading Outing review: Snow 4 Kids Brisbane