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Lacey Lane’s latest: and an exclusive look at the jewel in the Australiana crown.

Brisbane business sisters Rebecca Krone and Nikki Bowling have been trailblazing the children's designer clothing scene since 2010 when they established the now iconic fashion house, Lacey Lane. I first discovered Lacey Lane back in 2014 when my daughter was a bub and have been a keen supporter of the inspiring local business ever since.… Continue reading Lacey Lane’s latest: and an exclusive look at the jewel in the Australiana crown.

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Decorative Halloween Garland

Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s actually spring where I live. But with an abundance of fluoro orange and black plastic Halloween decorations threatening to overwhelm my decor (Who am I kidding? My home looks like the inside of Toys r Us after the Boxing Day sales), ahem, I thought it would be pleasant to incorporate… Continue reading Decorative Halloween Garland

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My go-to allergy-friendly snack (hint: it’s cupcakes)

The humble cupcake has become my go-to snack to take along to parties. As a parent of a child with Coeliac disease, I am extra cautious about his exposure to gluten. While Coeliac isn't technically an allergy, he has a reaction to certain allergens, which is what I look for on food packaging and ingredient… Continue reading My go-to allergy-friendly snack (hint: it’s cupcakes)

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Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

It's a great time of the year to be a kid in our household. We're right in the thick of Birthday Season (when our four children all celebrate their birthdays within a two-month period), and right smack-bang in the middle of that, it's Halloween. So when I say great, I mean expensive and busy. But… Continue reading Halloween-themed activities for young kids.

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Spooky Spiderweb Weaving

Today I'm kicking off the week of Halloween-themed craft with this easy and enjoyable activity for kids. Please follow along each day this week for more crafts. This activity uses fine motor skills and mathematical understandings. You can talk to your child about the way in which they use their fingers and hands to carefully… Continue reading Spooky Spiderweb Weaving

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Toddler Haircuts, Necessary Evil?

  Haircut day is the bane of my existence. The stuff nightmares are made of, that humiliating (and deafening) experience involving a wailing toddler sitting atop my knees, his head spinning from side to side Exorcist style, his hands swatting away the stylist’s clippers, his mouth a sticky mess of Mentos and clumped together blonde… Continue reading Toddler Haircuts, Necessary Evil?

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Our Hellish Holiday; Part two: la maman Australienne et son Bebe

As Patrick negotiated the twists and turns of our hilly drive, I began to wonder a few things: How far away was the hospital? When would Port Agent reappear? Was this man trustworthy? I recognised some of the landscape from my previous visits to Noumea- an Art Deco church, a gated mansion, a park. Everything… Continue reading Our Hellish Holiday; Part two: la maman Australienne et son Bebe