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My Girl Gender Sway Experience

Hi there! You may have found me through my Instagram or via one of the articles about Gender Swaying I’m featured in. I’m so glad you’re here. Since swaying for my daughter back in 2013, I have done some reflective thinking on the process. I’m not sure whether any of this stuff really works, but I will say that I’ve loaned the Ingender Swaying Guide to several teaching friends with all-boy families, and they’ve all ended up with a little girl.

Another thing I’d like to add is that “choosing your baby’s GENDER” is absolutely impossible. Although the term used is Gender Swaying, it should actually be called Sex Swaying. You’re attempting to conceive a male or female baby. Gender is far more complex. While I’m undecided on whether one can sway the sex of their offspring, I’m quite certain that no one can determine the gender of another person, but that’s another story for another day (and a valid and important one!).

I had my fourth baby in November 2016, with absolutely no swaying (hello, happy surprise!) and he was a BOY. If you need help with any of the abbreviations, please search on Ingender or comment below and I’ll clear it up!

To read more, head to this page about gender swaying.


I want to mention here that I was breastfeeding DS2 (14 months) and that’s why I’ve made slight modifications to the InGender recommendations.

Gender Resulted
Swaying Attempt – Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details?-Natural with Clomid 50mg, CD3-7
CM Ph5.5
DH Ph?
Douche type and whenNone
Replens and when
Big ONo
CalciumOnly from diet
Magnesiumrecommended dose
Potassiumrecommended dose
DH mineralsCalcium, magnesium. Reduced sodium and potassium in diet.
Dietary ChangesNo potatoes, tomatoes or bananas for 6 weeks before attempt, no added salt, and salt-free foods. DH and DW. 2 weeks before attempt hit the IG diet hard. DH did the IG diet loosely with me.
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?Stopped day after O to help with implantation
DH caffeinenone
DrinksWaterfords diet mineral drinks, cranberry, and milk. DH and I drank HEAPS of these soft drinks the day before O and day of.
SupplementsDH took licorice root for 2 weeks up to attempt.
CranberryDH, 15000, me, none (except for in juice and actual fruit, dried)
AcidophilusJust in yoghurt
DH suppsCalc, Mag, Lic Root, Cranberry
BD cutoff (# of days)
BD thru Oyes
Frequent BD/how many daysfrom AF-O+12 with no more than a 36 hour gap.
Charting O with Tempyes
Charting O with OPKyes
Fertility monitor used/typejust OPKs
Suspected O date13/14 Jan
Oed in what moon phaseNew Moon
Changed ions in other ways?Lavender oil on pillow, in bath, rose quartz and amethyst in pocket, under pillow, opened windows, restricted airconditioning, no computer use, spent time in garden in sprinkler.
How many kids do you have?2
What gender(s)?little boys
# of months TTC1
Your Age27
BD positioncan’t remember!
Jump and dumpno
EWCM present/how much?absolutely none
DH undies typetighty whities
DH hot bath/showeryes, before every attempt
OWT – anything under bed?Pink notebook with visuals and prayers, pink outfits, two wooden spoons with pink ribbons around them, scissors, baby name book.

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