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Your child could win a trip to the USA by sharing a littleBIGidea with Origin!


Is your child fantastic at coming up with new, innovative ideas? Has he or she spotted the need for an invention to make life that little bit easier?

The Competition:

Do you know a little kid with a BIG idea?

Origin’s littleBIGidea is the big competition for inventive little kids! In 2018, LittleBIGIdea is back for its fourth year, and its organisers are calling for entries from kids right across Australia. School-aged kids in grades three to eight are eligible to enter, in three age categories.

This competition is a fantastic opportunity for kids to showcase their creativity, critical thinking abilities and design skills.

Submissions are invited from now through August. Head to the littleBIGidea webpage for full details on putting together an entry. You’ll also find terms and conditions there.

Historically, kids have been great inventors. Did you know that Icy Poles were reportedly invented by a kid, Frank Epperson, in 1905?

The Prizes:

Entries will be judged by a panel of judges in mid-October, and twelve finalists will be selected. They’ll be invited to a day-long workshop in Melbourne, run by Engineers Without Borders. They’ll be guided on how to refine their invention, and how to put together a final video pitch. From these video pitches, the judges will declare the 3 winners!

Next, judges will select a winner from each category – Years 3 & 4, Years 5 & 6 and Years 7 & 8 – and all three winners will go (with a parent) on an all-expenses-paid innovation adventure to the USA!!!


They’ll visit NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Epcot Theme Park at Disneyworld and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

With these incredible, life-changing prizes up for grabs, who wouldn’t want to create an entry!?

Be Inspired:

If your child would like to take part in littleBIGidea, but is not sure where to start, inspiration may be found looking at the top entries from 2017! You’ll find them here.

Entries close 7 September.

For more information and updates, be sure to check out littleBIGidea, and Four to Adore on Facebook and Instagram.

Best of luck with all your amazing entries!


All Mum Said

5 thoughts on “Your child could win a trip to the USA by sharing a littleBIGidea with Origin!

  1. That prize sounds amazing! And even if they didn’t win the whole process of having an idea and entering it would be a great learning opportunity in itself. I hope it still runs when my child gets to that age.


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