Winning at winter – Dyson’s first purifying heater and fan is right at home, in every season [review]

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In April I was asked to review the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link for Mum Central, and I absolutely hopped on this opportunity. I’m already a fully-fledged Dyson lover, and adore my two vacuum cleaners made by the innovative brand (Love a vacuum? Who even knew that could be said?). But I’d never considered purifying the air in my home, despite three of my four children suffering asthma, eczema and allergies.

Throughout the past month, I’ve put my Dyson Pure through its paces, using it in almost every room in my home. Before I share my experiences, let’s take a look at the product key points:

  • WHOLE ROOM HEATING & PURIFICATION  (Clean and cozy!) Its 360° Glass HEPA filter captures indoor air pollutants, and in heating mode it projects up to 200 litres of purified, heated air per second around the room. Maintains  your optimal temperature, with clean air.
  • EFFICIENT FILTRATION (Traps the nasties!) The Dyson Purifier’s filter automatically captures gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants.
  • INTELLIGENT SENSING AND CONNECTIVITY  (Makes life easier!) Connects with the Dyson Link App (available on iOS and Android), giving you the capability to check and adjust the quality of the air in your home while using the Dyson Purifier – wherever you are.


Living room.JPG
Winter is coming here.

I hadn’t really considered air quality monitoring or purification before now. Which is honestly quite strange, given the numerous ways I try to make our home environment less allergenic. For instance, since buying our 70s house, we’ve replaced all of the flooring with new, low allergy alternatives, and I am selective with my cleaning products and detergents.

So, as a mum, it now makes compete sense why families would choose to purify their air.

With the change of season, and all the little germies going around schools and child cares, it’s a given that at least one of my four kids has a sniffle or cough at any particular time.

This is where the Dyson Pure came into its own, in my experience. Lachlan, 18 months, is a terrible sleeper (I’m sure he doesn’t mind me saying!). His whole life, he’s never slept a full night. He’s restless and doesn’t like having a sleeping bag or a blanket over him, so he can never get into a comfortable, deep sleep.

One night a few weeks ago, he was suffering an irritating dry cough, and at 11pm I decided to grab the Dyson Pure and plug it in in his (our) bedroom. Ten minutes later he was SNORING and I didn’t hear boo from him until 5am when the bigger kids woke him accidentally.

Dyson Pure air purifier, baby sleep, nursery, fan, heater

My husband and I marveled at this magic, and I checked the settings on the Dyson Pure so I could re-set them for the following night. And guess what? Yep, two- for – two! The next night, he slept. It’s been three weeks now, and although he occasionally wakes for a feed or hug, he is consistently sleeping for these long chunks!

I’ve actually used the Link App to set this routine on a timer, so it’s 24 degrees on auto purify from 7pm until 6am.

See my Instagram featured stories to view video of me setting up my preferences in the app.

Another great function I absolutely love is the night mode. If you select it, it dims the display and operates in a more quiet way throughout sleep periods. This is awesome for a nursery!

kitchen air purifier heater cooler dyson link pure

I’ve also had a lot of success using the Dyson Pure in other zones in my home. It’s a great way to clear cooking smells or smoke from your kitchen, to clear cleaning product smells from your bathroom, and to cool the kids in the afternoons during meal times.

kitchen air purifier heater cooler dyson link pure


My favourite benefit of the Dyson Pure is that it is actually three appliances in one: a fan, heater and purifier; which does help to justify the price of $799 RRP. It’s definitely an investment but in my opinion, a worthwhile one!

Another great reassurance is the Dyson two year guarantee. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has one, loves it. You can read some great customer reviews on the Dyson website. 

If you order directly from Dyson, they ship free of charge and you’ll have your appliance in roughly seven days.

It’s worth noting that you will need to replace the filter after roughly one year of use (but dependent on other factors, like level of pollution and hours of use).

So, if you’re a mum looking to improve the quality of the air inside your home, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is definitely worth a serious look. If you need any more convincing, head on over to my Instagram page and follow for updates and videos.

Have a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link? Considering one? Let me know what you think , or drop any questions below in the comments for me.







13 thoughts on “Winning at winter – Dyson’s first purifying heater and fan is right at home, in every season [review]

  1. Purifer sounds good – my rental house is quite terrible and I do wonder about the quality of the air here when we’ve had mould in the past.


    1. Oh yes the mould! So nasty! I actually bleached my bathroom the other day and then ran the purifier in there to clear the stink- worked a charm! Thanks for visiting!


    1. Such a great reputation. I love it, I just walked into my toasty bedroom to put bub to sleep and it was a nice surprise (have the timer set). X


    1. They’re definitely in the zone of investment especially for young families. We are on a tight budget but have always saved to purchase our Dyson vacuums because they make life so much easier for both of us. ❤️ Their warranty is awesome, too. My vacuum has lasted me six years, previously to that I was buying cheap $150 vacuums that would only last 18 months so the price is comparable over the span of time for a much better quality product.


  2. I love these little beauties! So cool looking, makes a nice change to the horrid fans/heaters my husband insists of placing throughout our house.


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