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Newest pram on Aussie market has must-have feature every mum will love.

Steelcraft Britax Savvi

When looking to purchase a pram, where do you start? Do you make a list of all the features you want? Do you set a budget? Ask your mum-friends? Ask strangers in shopping centres for impromptu reviews of their prams?

Buying a pram can be daunting. When there’s so much choice, and so much variation in price and quality, where does one even begin?

When I bought my first pram, a decade ago (!!!), I knew I wanted a Steelcraft. The brand has an unparalleled reputation and I associated the name with quality. My own mum had a Steelcraft pram for me. I read awesome reviews in online forums.

Now, I’m only too happy to chat prams with other mums in the shops, and to recommend Steelcraft.

Steelcraft Britax Savvi

Matte black hardware and frame compliment indigo denim fabric. Because, fashun.

When Steelcraft asked me to test out its newest pram, the Savvi, I was stoked. I had high expectations, and the Savvi hit them out of the park.

He likes it too. Promise.

My first impression of the pram was how easy it is to assemble straight from the box. The wheels simply click onto the axels and the seat pops into the chassis. The parts are sturdy and secure. You can see how easy it is to set up in my video, below.

I have always loved four-wheeled prams, which is just my personal preference. The Savvi is easy to steer, transitions well between surfaces, can be pushed easily on grass (great for soccer spectating!), and handles well in the shops. It’s easy to steer one-handed and has a great turning circle (beneficial in stores and restrooms).

Steelcraft Britax Savvi

Told you he’s psyched.

So by now you may be wondering: What’s so amazing about this pram? Why do I need it in my life? What’s that weird stain on my t-shirt and was it there when I walked the kids into school this morning?

I can help you with two of those queries. Get ready, because here’s the kicker:

The Savvi’s seat can be converted into a bassinet so your child can sleep safely and comfortably wherever you are.

Told you it was big.

Sure, other pram models have had bassinet attachments. But who wants to purchase, tote around and interchange a bassinet? No, thanks.

The Savvi can be folded in one piece, meaning you don’t have to detach the seat and place it on the grubby car park floor while you disassemble and put the frame into your boot (or onto the bus or train).

I don’t know about you but I’ve never had one of the amazing babies who can be transferred from car to cot without waking. Every transfer is a mission. Every mission is impossible.

Sleep is for the weak, I always say!

Lachie, now a card-holding, nap-refusing toddler, is hard to get to sleep. Often we’re out and about with the bigger kids right at his nap time. But he loves to fall asleep in the Savvi and the conversion process is so easy (just three clips) that he stays asleep. Honestly, amazing. He actually fell asleep at a busy, loud park the other morning:

What. Is. Even. Happening?

I know. I know. I need to calm down. But:


Aside from him getting his much-needed kip, I feel totally comfortable knowing he’s safe. Reclined fully, it’s as though he’s asleep in his cot, laying flat.

The Savvi’s hood is generously sized, and has a zip section which provides extra coverage (with netting beneath). The outer fabric is breathable, but offers protection from the elements. Included with the pram is a foot-muff and a rain cover.

I absolutely love this pram. The design is so clever, and so in tune with what babies really need: comfort, safety, and a little sleep.

The Savvi launches nationally today, and its RRP is $499.


Disclosure: Lachlan and I were gifted the pram for the purpose of providing a review.

One thought on “Newest pram on Aussie market has must-have feature every mum will love.

  1. Hi Bronwyn,
    I enjoyed reading your review of the Savvi stroller. It is hard to find many reviews on the pram because it has only been on the market a few months. I am also considering buying this pram.

    How well does the Savvi travel/roll on grass?

    What is the quality like compared to the more expensive strollers out there? Do you think it could last 4 years? Have you been using yours everyday?

    Finally, was there anything you didn’t like about this pram?

    Thank you for your time.


    Liked by 1 person

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