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My tranquil watercolour-themed writing room.

This year my teaching role has changed a little bit. I’m thrilled to be working on my school’s writing project, teaching small groups of grade threes how to write different text types.

My own son planning his persuasive text on why football is the best sport.

When I started this new role, I wanted to refresh my resources to specifically target literacy.

What I didn’t want to do was spend a fortune.

The first thing I did was to check Teach Starter, where I download and print many of my wonderful posters, worksheets and activities.

I LOVE the beauty and peace of the ocean, and Aqua is my favourite colour, so the Tranquil Watercolour Classroom Theme Pack was my immediate first choice!

Bunting classroom whiteboard

I combined a few of the Underwater Ocean theme downloads, like this cute ocean border for my whiteboard. I think it brings a fun feel to the room. The watercolour bunting is one of my favourite elements, and can be fully customised (all letters and numbers are available, just choose the ones you need!).

I also love the customisable teacher planner available on Teach Starter (find it in the Tranquil Watercolour Pack). It looks gorgeous, and you can choose your format, order, your planning pages, your number of term weeks, class list and timetable inserts. I had it printed and bound at Officeworks for around $10!

I bought new blue folders like the one pictured above from Big W.

Next up I headed to my local cheap shop and bought coordinated desktop containers to store stationery. My students frequently use highlighters for editing and these shallow plastic dishes are great.

I already had these pretty watercolour canvases from Kmart (last year), and they fit perfectly with my watercolour theme.

The inspirational posters pictured are available for download on Teach Starter.

I used borders from the watercolour pack to make all of my headings for posters I already use. I added these awesome persuasive devices posters (below, left) from the Teach Starter site.

Wall of High Modality Words (set available on Teach Starter).
Narrative Wall

On the opposite wall to my Persuasive Writing wall, I made my Narrative Writing wall. The two large posters (A3), Writing a Narrative and Narrative Writing are both from TeachStarter, along with the FANBOYS poster for conjunctions.

If you’ve got to take marking home, it might as well look pretty 🙂

The Watercolour Classroom Theme Pack has been one of Teach Starter’s most popular   downloads in 2018 and I can definitely see why. It’s extremely tranquil and beautiful (and who doesn’t need some tranquility in their teaching space?).

Next week I’ll be doing a live video on my Instagram account, when I’ll be giving away a 12 month Ultimate Plan, thanks for Teach Starter, valued at $108! Head over to follow me for more information!

Happy Term 2, everyone!


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