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Easter gift DIY: cocoa bath salts with milk bath

Relaxing Bath Salt recipe for chocolate lovers

We are continuing with our reduced-chocolate (not chocolate-free!) Easter preparations. Our family has our own little tradition of giving non-chocolate gifts at Easter for a number of years now, and I’m always interested in new ways to celebrate and give without over indulging in sweets.

I found some gorgeous inspiration on Pinterest for bath treats which incorporate a choccy theme, and am combining two soak recipes below!

(Because all of the ingredients are natural and safe, my four year old daughter enjoyed making these with me this afternoon. )

Relaxing Bath Salt recipe for chocolate lovers

1. Cocoa Bath Soak

1 cup of Epsom salts – great for relieving body aches and muscle cramps.

1 cup of coarse sea salt – helps with easing for insomnia, eczema, stress.

1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder – helps to keep skin clear and hydrated.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix. We used a bowl with a lid and shook it all up!

2. Creamy Milk Bath

1 cup of powdered full cream milk,

1 cup of cornflour – soothes and relieves dry skin,

1 cup of baking soda – this is a known natural skin softener.

Mix to combine.

Relaxing Bath Salt recipe for chocolate lovers

For our little gift jars, I made up some cute  bath soak labels (click to download FREE).  I just used some glue to attach them, but alternatively you could print on sticky paper.

We layered the two mixtures using a little plastic scoop.

Next we sealed with a lid and tied off a little twine/raffia bow. So easy!

I bought everything for this DIY at Kmart and Coles.



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