Play Based Learning at Home checklist

sunflowers nature reggio play based learning

Here’s a little bit of information to help get you started on your journey of learning through play together in your home!

Some things to keep handy for craft:

(Please ensure items are stored safely and out of reach of young children as they may be sharp, contain small parts or present other safety hazards.)

childrens’ scissors
sticky tape
masking tape
glue sticks
PVA craft glue
hole punch
coloured yarn or wool
assorted paints (acryilic tubes, paint pots, finger paint, washable paint)
collage materials: shredded paper, bottle tops, sequins, glitter, collage paper)
pom poms
chenille sticks
googly eyes
stickers and stamps
plain white and coloured poster board sheets
paint brushes
cotton tips
baby wipes
disinfectant wipes
newspaper or table cloth
smocks or old clothes
sunscreen and hats for outside activities

These things can all be found in discount stores ($2 shops), supermarkets and Kmart or Big W at a low cost. I try and throw a couple of things in the shopping trolley each time I buy our groceries to keep us stocked up.

Some things to keep handy for dramatic play:

daddy’s old shirts
hand bags
paper (to make signs)
fabric (to make spaces)
store-bought costumes
props (collected from around the house for the specific game they’ve chosen – ie kitchen items for a cooking game)

Some things to keep handy for contruction play:

Lego (beware, small parts)
Lego/Duplo boards
toilet paper rolls with small slits cut in the ends
cleaned out cartons/boxes/tubs from food products
play doh or modelling clay
chenille sticks

Happy playing!

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