Girls Autumn Capsule Wardrobe.

lacey lane autumn capsule wardrobe girls child kids clothes

I recently wrote about how I’m trying to reduce excess, save money and conserve space by making my kids each a capsule wardrobe. I started with my toddler son’s clothes.

lacey lane kid girl clothes wardrobe autumn

I love to buy my daughter, Blaire’s, clothing from Brisbane label Lacey Lane, so it followed that her capsule is all LL. I fell in love with the company’s classic vintage style in 2014 when Blaire was just a baby, but my love for Lacey Lane has grown as rapidly as my child has, for a few reasons.

When building her capsule for Autumn I already had some key pieces from previous seasons, which minimised expenditure on new items. If you buy quality pieces and size up at the time of purchase, you definitely maximise wear and in turn get your money’s worth on a cost-per-wear basis.


Given that I already had her Laner jeans, Cinnamon belt, Fawn dress and Boater hat from previous purchases, I chose to stick with a neutral colour scheme whilst incorporating a couple of love at first click purchases (Lacey Lane sends customers an email the night before a clothing release detailing the items available).

From this season (named the Australiana Collection), my first must-have was the Junee blouse. From the moment I opened my email, I knew I needed it in my (ahem, Blaire’s) life. I then began adding the final pieces to the wardrobe, using colours from the blouse’s floral fabric to direct my choices.

lacey lane kid girl clothes wardrobe autumn

To complete the capsule I wanted two pairs of solid-colour bottoms, so I grabbed the Jett skirt first. Its mustard is incredibly versatile and ties in with past – and no doubt future – Lacey Lane pieces. As we are in Queensland and Autumn is mild, I also chose the Miles tuckers (green shorts), which were my other must-have from Australiana.

For warmth and layering, my final choice was the Rome sweater, a deep, rust colour lightweight pullover style with a cable knit detail.

lacey lane kid girl clothes wardrobe autumn

With just six key clothing pieces and three accessories I was able to create eight different looks, suitable for varied occasions and conditions. I can’t wait for the humid weather to calm down a bit so we can try out some warmer, layered looks.

Do you plan your kids’ purchases like I have started to? Or do you buy what you love and then explore outfit options once you have it? Do you love having a minimal collection or a vast array of your favourite children’s clothing? Perhaps you have another suggestion for an outfit I could make up with this selection. I’d love to hear from other mums below!

Have a lovely week!

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