Valentines Day for the non-doers.

valentines day flowers non-doer no

Some of us celebrate it, others of us don’t. Either way, it’s pretty much impossible for any of us to completely ignore Valentines Day.

For some, February 14th can raise yucky feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, jealousy or grief; worse still, a combination of all of the above. Not everyone is in the right mood to celebrate love on a given day of the year.

My husband and I don’t exchange gifts on Valentines Day. We usually have other expenses which are a priority at this busy time of year when the kids have just returned to school. Sometimes we get takeaway and watch a DVD together. It’s very low key and it’s how we like it.

We are non-doers of Valentines Day.

As parents, we almost always put our family’s needs at the top of our priority list. As mums, we almost always put our own needs right down at the bottom of that same list.

Why don’t we each do one thing on Valentines day to bring joy to our own lives?

We should hold ourselves solely accountable for our own happiness. Happiness isn’t something we can give to or take from others.

I’ve jotted down some ideas of things which ignite joy in me. Perhaps they appeal to you, too. Here they are:

  • Buying myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a lovely house plant.
  • Going for a walk somewhere naturally beautiful.
  • Giving something to a woman in need.ย  Handbags with Heart is a great place to start, but there are many amazing charities doing fantastic work for women.
  • Planning my outfit ahead of time and wearing something from my wardrobe that makes me feel gorgeous and comfortable.
  • Wearing my best perfume for the day; you know the one, it’s that one reserved for weddings and other special occasions.
  • Lighting a gorgeous candle and drinking tea in a bubble bath. Heck, drinking champagne in a bubble bath sounds good too.
  • Calling a friend whom I haven’t spoken to (messaging, texting, DMing, emailing exempt) for a long while and having a chat on the phone.
  • Buying myself something I know will make life easier in some way. Be it a diary or an app for time management, storage containers for organisation, a new breastfeeding bra or two, some home delivery meals. Anything to take a small weight off. I’m buying myself a new breastfeeding-access nightie, in hopes of a more comfy sleep.
  • Reading a favourite book from my childhood, snuggled in bed with my own children. Here are ten classic suggestions to choose from, care of Megan from Children’s Books Daily.
  • Enjoying others’ happiness. Letting myself smile when I see another woman carrying a single stem rose home from work. Admiring love itself.

herbal tea relaxation mothers

So whether you’re single, coupled or it’s actually a bit complicated, I hope that you have a happy Valentines Day.

I’m wishing you a wonderful week (and not just Wednesday!). Please let me know below if you decide to take on something from my list, or do something joyful of your own.


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