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Create a toddler wardrobe for under $50.

I love a good bargain. I’m that girl who, when complimented on a piece of clothing, gushes about how inexpensive it was. I love buying things on sale, cheap. I don’t love “cheap” things. There’s a difference.

With four kids, shopping for clothes can be very costly. In the past I’ve ended up with more items than they can wear in a season or size, and a lot ends up going to charity bins with the tags still attached. In the name of sustainability and in an attempt to reduce our family’s consumerism, I’m now into making capsule wardrobes for my kids.

The concept of a capsule wardrobe isn’t new. I first heard about it through Nikki at Styling You and created a navy and white capsule for myself, for teaching-wear. I’m now on to my third capsule, which is black and white.

Six items which can be worn in nine different outfit combinations.

I decided to apply the following principles to my childrens wardrobes to create affordable capsules for maximised wear.

  • Buy pieces in the same colours as your child’s most worn accessories (shoes and hats). For example, my toddler wears navy Nikes and a denim blue hat. So my choices for him are cool greys and blues. My daughter wears a straw hat and tan shoes, so I select autumnal tones for her.

  • Shop for the next size up, with adjustable features. The shorts I chose all have adjustable waistbands. T-shirts are loose but can be worn in to the next season in a more fitted way (under layers as it will be winter).
  • Shop during a sale. You get so many more pieces for a set budget. When your favourite store has a promotion on its a great time to shop.

  • Take your time. I find it easiest to shop without kids. Thursday nights are my prime shopping time; kids are in bed, husband’s at home, I can get so much shopping done in an hour and the suburban shopping centres are usually quiet in the last hour of trade from 8-9pm.
  • Lay it all out in the store. I buy everything at once (per child) so I have it all with me to check compatibility and assess how many usable outfits I can make from the pieces I choose.

Here are the nine outfits I’ve come up with using these principles:

Over to you, mums: how do you organise your shopping for your kids clothes? Tips and tricks appreciated!

No affiliate links contained in this post. This is not a paid post, however, I shopped for these items with a card gifted by Big W.

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