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Lacey Lane’s latest: and an exclusive look at the jewel in the Australiana crown.

Brisbane business sisters Rebecca Krone and Nikki Bowling have been trailblazing the children’s designer clothing scene since 2010 when they established the now iconic fashion house, Lacey Lane. I first discovered Lacey Lane back in 2014 when my daughter was a bub and have been a keen supporter of the inspiring local business ever since.

The mums, affectionately known to their 98 000 Facebook fans and loyal customers as Bec and Nik, will this week launch their first collection for 2018. The line is aptly named Australiana and is an ode to the girls’ childhoods; purely Australian.

With a summer vibe and the nostalgic, throwback feel that Lacey Lane does best, Australiana is set to be a hit; many of Lacey Lane’s new release items historically sell out online and in the North Lakes store within minutes.

Lacey Lane co-owner and designer Bec says “Judging by the feedback so far, we would have to say this is one of the most popular collections we have released”. Eek!

Yesterday the brand launched its online lookbook for the new collection, which caused a flurry of excitement in the many Facebook fan pages dedicated to the brand.

But until now, Nik and Bec have been saving the jewel in Australiana’s crown; the amazing Uluru dress.

Like her namesake, arguably Australia’s best-known natural landmark, the Uluru dress is bound to mesmerise with its rich ochre hue.

Uluru features a detailed princess cut top and fully gathered circle skirt, a design feature which has become the trademark of Lacey Lane’s newer dresses, and popular with twirling little girls everywhere (including mine!).

Lacey Lane is known for its incredible finishes and attention to detail. The Uluru dress will exceed expectations with its fully-lined skirt featuring Clemantine fabric, previously seen in past collections.

If you’re keen to get your hands on the beautiful 100% cotton Uluru dress (or any of the other amazing garments in the Australiana collection), you’re going to need what the die-hard Lacey Lane fan-mums call your Ninja Fingers (you need precision and speed to checkout your online order to snag something!).

Uluru will be released in the first drop of the Australiana collection, so set your alarms for 10.00am AEST on the 10th January 2018 if you wish to shop online.

Alternatively, you can head in-store to Lacey Lane at Westfield North Lakes. The crowds will be crazy but I can tell you, from my experience attending previous releases, the atmosphere and fun is incredible. You’ll meet some beautiful mums and Laners (Lacey-Lane-wearers).

In the meantime, you can check out Lacey Lane’s current stock of beautiful dresses here, and bookmark the website while you’re at it!

From my Laner (Blaire) to you and yours, may the odds be ever in your favour tomorrow as you shop this amazing new collection!

Are you a Laner mum? Or new to the Lacey Lane world? I would love for you to leave me a comment letting me know which is your ultimate favourite piece from the Australiana collection below!

x Bronwyn

15 thoughts on “Lacey Lane’s latest: and an exclusive look at the jewel in the Australiana crown.

  1. I am looking forward to whole collection! Especially the Blue dot dress!
    I’ve been apart of this crazy LL world for a little over 4 months and have enjoyed every minute. The customer service these ladies, as a team, provide is a credit to the brand. The amazing friends I have made simply through this brand will last a life time. Running a super fan BSS page endorsing LL has been incredible. I feel this brand was made for my daughter Matilda, along with her bright blue eyes comes her personality which I believe clothing brings out in a child and adult for years! Lovely blog about an amazing home grown brand!

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    1. Hi Bronwyn! Thank you for your great comment! It really is an amazingly kind community of mums who love their kids and their kids’ clothes! I love the friendships I’ve made over the years! Matilda is a beautiful name! Good luck carting tomorrow! 💕


  2. i love how this is written 😍you’ve captured the love excitement and craziness of LL perfectly !well done babe from one LL Mumma to another 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Uluru would be our ultimate from this collection

    Currently my daughters fav is Rue we love the reds deep oranges on our little blonde laner

    We are very new to LL world and are quickly becoming addicted

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve never heard of Lacey Lane before but wow, my girls would love their clothes!!! I might have to get them each a piece for their birthdays this year. We generally get most of their dresses & skirts from op shops because they wear so many of them throughout the day (a day with less than 3 costume changes is a slow day, lol!) and despite the fact they love to dress in the prettiest of pretty things, they then like to get very rough & dirty in said clothes, so spending a few dollars on each piece doesn’t feel like we are throwing money away so much when they get dirty & ripped, lol!


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