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Scary Spiders on Sparkly Webs



  • Paper plates (small size)
  • Chenille sticks (pipe cleaners if you’re old-school)
  • Webs (bought from Riot but available at craft shops)
  • Large pom pom and small pom pom per spider
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Cotton tips
  • Stapler


1. Adult cuts the inside circle out of the paper plate. discard outer circle.

2. Child spreads craft glue over the circle using cotton tip and presses the spider web down.

3. Child shapes the legs by criss-crossing them over one another and bending back to form joints.

3. Adult staples legs to the card (put the staple over the join of the legs, placed in the centre of the web).

4. Child dabs a liberal amount of craft glue onto the join, and presses large pom pom (spider body) onto the glue. Repeat for placement of the “head” pom pom.

5. Child attaches eyes using glue. Allow to dry.



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