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Decorative Halloween Garland

Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s actually spring where I live. But with an abundance of fluoro orange and black plastic Halloween decorations threatening to overwhelm my decor (Who am I kidding? My home looks like the inside of Toys r Us after the Boxing Day sales), ahem, I thought it would be pleasant to incorporate some more subtle yet traditional Halloween/autumn items.

This craft is so easy to set up, and you probably have some of the materials already. It’s best suited to children aged four to five years, and parents who are quite patient. Cutting is laborious for preschoolers, so grab a cuppa, you’ll be here a while!

garland cover


  • age-appropriate scissors
  • various autumnal coloured paper
  • natural coloured twine
  • blu-tak to hang up with
  • hole punch
  • computer with printer OR black sharpie and a steady hand.



  1. Find some outlines of autumn leaves online, and print onto coloured paper OR trace around some real leaves OR freehand sketch your leaves. (Just Google “Autumn Leaf Template”)
  2. Help your child cut the leaves out.
  3. Help your child punch a hole in each leaf.
  4. Work together to thread the leaves onto the twine (we tied a knot around each one to secure them).
  5. Your garland is ready to hang! Enjoy!

(I made this garland with my kids three years ago now, and it’s still beautiful. I took it out of the Halloween storage box this week and love having it up).


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