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My go-to allergy-friendly snack (hint: it’s cupcakes)

Cupcakes allergy

The humble cupcake has become my go-to snack to take along to parties. As a parent of a child with Coeliac disease, I am extra cautious about his exposure to gluten. While Coeliac isn’t technically an allergy, he has a reaction to certain allergens, which is what I look for on food packaging and ingredient lists.

I’ve spent some time being dairy- and soy- free for my daughter, who was an allergic breastfed baby. So I’ve adapted a lot of recipes to suit three different allergy needs within my household.

By far the easiest recipe to alter is a cupcake one. I have even recommended this recipe to friends. My son has friends who have allergies, and friends who do not. One particular friend of his always ensures he has met the catering needs of his two mates who both have gluten issues. What a sweetie!

We have adapted this recipe to suit various themes – to take to Christmas parties, birthdays, Halloween picnics, and of course, for school lunches.


So give this gluten free or this dairy free recipe a whirl and let me know how you get on!

Egg free:

I haven’t attempted egg-free yet, however I’ve heard a tablespoon of unsweetened apple sauce can be used as a replacement for one egg and I’m keen to see if it’s true.

What have you used to adapt a simple recipe to cater for varied requirements?




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