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Spooky Spiderweb Weaving

Today I’m kicking off the week of Halloween-themed craft with this easy and enjoyable activity for kids. Please follow along each day this week for more crafts.

Spiderweb weave

This activity uses fine motor skills and mathematical understandings. You can talk to your child about the way in which they use their fingers and hands to carefully weave the string. You may talk together about shapes, symmetry and counting.
We also found it to be a great lesson in patience and perseverance!


  • Craft Glue
  • Glue brush or cotton tips
  • Hole punch
  • Sticky tape
  • Sponge
  • Black paint
  • Paper dinner plates
  • White string
  • Synthetic spider web and plastic spiders (buy these at cheap shop, craft shop, or these ones I bought from Woolworths for $2)

Adult Preparation:

(You may chose to prepare some parts of this activity early).

  1. Fold paper plate in half
  2. Punch ten holes around the perimeter of the plate (space evenly)
  3. Punch four holes along the middle fold of the plate
  4. Measure out string – 3x 150cm pieces per plate
  5. Use sticky tape to seal off one end of the string (making a hard “needle” for ease of threading)



1. Use sponge to cover paper plate surface in black paint. Allow to dry.


2. Once dry, tape non-needle end of string to back of plate.


3. Begin weaving the string through the holes. Remind child to pull the thread through completely on each stitch to avoid loops. Continue weaving until string is used, then tape on a new piece of string.


4. Once the child has used up their three pieces of string, tie off. Brush craft glue onto plate.

5. Stick down synthetic webbing, and attach a spider with craft glue. Allow to dry.


For younger children, try using chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) for weaving.

For older children, try to make a traditional web pattern by first stitching around the edges of the plate, then into a central hole from each outer hole, then connecting an inner row of string by tying onto the spindles.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your Halloween crafting and keep an eye out for more spooky activities this week!



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