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Review: Madame Polly Nappy Bag by Isoki!

Me with my bestie, Polly.

Meet Madame Polly! She’s my trusty and pretty tag-along wherever I roam. I’ve been using my Madame Polly nappy bag by Isoki for a few months now so I feel most comfortable giving a review of how it functions as a) my daily arm-candy and b) a carrier for everything from nappies to dollies to iPads to lunch boxes.c

In a nutshell, this bag is incredible. I love so much about it but my total favourite is all of the space. Three HUGE compartments to stow all of your stuff. And also, it comes fully-appointed (I stole that off a luxury vehicle ad, but hey, it works), with all the extras you can think of.

If you’d like to see more about the bag in action, click through to my very professionalĀ  beginner’s Youtube vid below:

(I’ll let you know when I sort out how to fix that derpy looking freeze frame.)


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8 thoughts on “Review: Madame Polly Nappy Bag by Isoki!

  1. Ah the nappy bag. So much change in recent years. I had grandkids come to stay for care at our house some years back and had a nappy bag then. It is now a camera bag as it has lots of areas for storage. Good luck with your giveaway. Denyse #teamIBOT

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  2. Thanks too for visiting my blog on Monday to link up! Thanks for joining in #LTW 35/52, next week is Taking Stock. I have added the prompts for the rest of 2017 on my home page and in the blog post P is for Pansies.

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