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Access All Areas: Organic Cotton Crew Neck Dress by Mothers En Vogue

Fashions and styles have changed drastically since I first started breastfeeding back in 2009. I’ve usually favoured two-piece outfits (top plus jeans/skirt) for comfort and accessibility.

I recently realised I’ve really missed wearing dresses. It’s near impossible to breastfeed in most regular dresses. You either have to hoist them up, exposing everything from your knees to your bra, or you have to stretch the neckline out. Neither worked for me whilst holding a wriggly, hungry baby.

On occasion I’ve bought “wrap style” non-breastfeeding dresses, which offer great accessibility, but less coverage. So for the cooler months, a total no-go.

Milk and Love sent me the beautiful crew neck dress by Mothers En Vogue.

I’ve really enjoyed wearing this dress. It’s versatile; I’ve worn it during the day as well as evening. Made from organic cotton, it’s extremely comfy and very easy-care.

The dress features warm, long sleeves which are a bonus for me (#tallgirlproblems). I love the crew neck, it’s very classic and subtle, and definitely safe for work!

It’s got a fair bit of stretch, and you access your nursing bra under the bust of the empire waist band. It’s constructed of Eco-friendly organic cotton. You can see how easy it is to attach for feeding in my little video here:

At $99 it’s definitely affordable, and you’ll get plenty of wear from it, especially if you go ahead and get it while you’re pregnant (it’s also a maternity dress).

Milk and Love currently have a 3 for 2 promotion on this dress, and shipping’s free for orders over $100.

I’d love to know: what was your go-to outfit for nursing?

*** This dress was gifted to me by Milk and Love for the purpose of my review. All opinions held are my own. I do not receive commission from links contained within this post.

3 thoughts on “Access All Areas: Organic Cotton Crew Neck Dress by Mothers En Vogue

  1. Gosh I can’t remember what I wore when breastfeeding. My youngest is now 15! That dress is gorgeous and looks stunning on you x


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