Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.

Sometimes I fantasise about having a career change. Sure, I love teaching and mothering, but occasionally I dream of becoming….

… an Uber driver.

Why on EARTH?!?!

Well, I've been reading a lot about side-hustles lately.


I feel my current skill set is perfectly aligned with the job. After all, I practically drive an underage Uber now, only I don't get paid. Why not cash in?

Here's a short list of reasons Uber driving appeals at this junction in my life:

  1. If someone pukes in your car, they pay you $50. Actually I'm not sure about this, but if I remember correctly from my youth, that's what the deal is with taxis. PS: So I was told by a friend.
  2. No one is going to spill a bag of popcorn/puffed rice/grapes all over your carpet the day after you vacuum your car.
  3. Uber passengers wouldn't hit each other in the face with iPads.
  4. I could listen to much better music and sweary radio stations with adult passengers.
  5. People could fasten their own seatbelts.
  6. Uber passengers wouldn't dump Shopkins, Lego, tiny plastic dinosaurs or Care Bears in your car.
  7. They also don't put their windows down and yell random things at people waiting at bus stops.
  8. They wouldn't ask me to pull over on the side of the highway so they could do a "bush wee".
  9. I'd have a chance at finding loose gold coins between the seats. As opposed to boogers.
  10. Paypal dollarz!

But alas, Uber is a pipe dream for me. After all, where would I put the baby?

I'm asking you: What's your fantasy job that you'll never actually do?

13 thoughts on “Quit your day job: become an Uber driver.

  1. Politician – that or Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabbs new side kick… that’s reasonable right? How easy would being a politician be, if get to act worse than my kids and be paid for it… and get to spend plenty of nights on holiday, with my baby!


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