Right now I’m in that squishy, un-toned phase I always get into about eight months after I have a baby. Due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum and other pregnancy complications, I’m always skinny in pregnancy. Then after that I’m breastfeeding and using all of my energy intake to produce milk and parent my other children.

But every single time, I swear, at eight or so months, when I’m sleep deprived and life’s hectic, I start to gain weight.

This time I’m getting in early. I’ve been going to weekly yoga classes for several months and making time to walk a couple of times per week. But now I want to step it up. I’m looking for something a little more fast-paced and aerobic.

I’ve heard about Kangatraining a little bit over the past year or so. I was recently sent a Manduca carrier by Fertile Mind to photograph and review, and was delighted to discover that with the Manduca comes a free trial Kangratraining class (see my recent video about the voucher here).

This is Charlie, the Kangatrainer.

So I set out with my carrier, my yoga mat and my baby for a morning of fitness.


When I arrived, I was met by Charlie, the friendly Kangatrainer. She gave me a lovely welcome pack and some forms to fill in (regarding prior exercise and postnatal health). She checked my Manduca for me and fitted it very snugly, explaining this was crucial when performing exercise for both my safety and my son’s.

I’m unco by my own admission which is why I usually favour single-sports like swimming or running. I was a little bit apprehensive going into a group fitness class.

But the three other mums attending were absolutely lovely. After a quick hello we got started.

The lesson began with some warm ups and then some floor work on our mats. I found the planking quite challenging, but the other exercises were familiar to me and I enjoyed that part of the class.

Next we put on our carriers and Charlie did a check of everyone’s, before we started the babywearing portion of the class.

This was the best part! I loved the fast-pace and the awesome tunes coming from Charlie’s ipod dock. It was really enjoyable and so much fun to do with bub. He loved the bopping around and found it very calming. Some of the babies even fell asleep!

I was a bit shocked at how much we worked our bodies in the one-hour class. It was really a full-body workout! As a mum I find it difficult to slot in time to exercise and I love that Kangatraining gets you moving in a variety of ways within one hour; a bit of resistance, barre, dance, aerobics and stretching.

I felt amazing afterwards! I can seriously see myself becoming hooked on Kangatraining. You can view my video about the class here:


Have you participated in a Kangatraining lesson? Or perhaps you’d like to? I’d love to know your thoughts!


11 thoughts on “Kangatraining

  1. This is the best idea!! I found exercise a real struggle after my children were born, mostly because they were so clingy, this would have worked perfectly both for baby and for me.


  2. I’ve never heard of kangatraining but it sounds like plenty of fun – unco or not. I used to do yoga and baby classes. There’s so many different options out there to get fit with babies. It’s great!


  3. I love your blog! Just found it through Di’s Insta! You’re a great writer Bron and this is such helpful advice for my upcoming motherhood 💜 Love, Lucia

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