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Nappy bag necessities. 

I don’t always take selfies in car parks, but when I do I check to make sure nobody’s watching.

Sometimes whilst preparing my nappy bag I fantasise that I’m packing for a month-long international holiday. Because with the amount of stuff I tote around on a daily, it can feel like that.

But it is actually possible to appear to be popping to the shops with your handbag. And your baby, of course.

Over seven years of nappy bag totin’, and now I’ve finally got it together. For two reasons:

1. My nappy bag is spacious but looks more like a chic oversized handbag. Actually I’ve had people ask if it even *is* a nappy bag at all.

2. I’ve perfected the balance between necessary and superfluous when it comes to my bag’s contents.

Meet Madame Polly. She’s my Isoki Australia nappy bag in Toorak (black) and I love her.

She’s amazing.

…Now meet all of my baby stuff. This is what you need.

Let’s take a look:

  • Wallet, sunnies (and a pair for my mini girlfran’, which inevitably end up off her face and in my bag).
  • Nappy change mat and clutch purse. Both of these came included with my Madame Polly. I use the clutch to store a mini med kit (infant paracetamol, a thermometer and some bandaids, antibacterial gel). The mat is awesome for changing bub in the most inconvenient of places.
  • Wipes and nappies (duh, sorry. But I have managed to overlook these in the past. Massive facepalm). Plastic bags for nappy isolation and disposal.
  • Soothers. My baby is currently teething and ouch. Can’t forget these babies.
  • Camera. There’s plenty of space, chuck it in.
  • Muslin square and/or cloth nappy. So many uses. Covering your pram while baby sleeps, covering your booby if you want to while he feeds, catching yuckies post-feed, covering shopping trolley baby seats, playing peek-a-boo and so on.
  • Organic cotton carrier by Hugabub. Seriously, this thing is a game changer. I can wear my baby, grip my toddler’s hand and carry my bag, negating having to take my pram in for short stops (like school drop or post office). It folds down into a minuscule amount of space considering it’s roughly 5m of fabric.
  • Spare clothes. Just a t-shirt for me and a simple onesie for him. Because you never know when a surprise blow-out could occur but you can bet it will be when you’re running late and freshly showered.
  • Water bottle! Oh my goodness pack your water bottle. Saves lots of $ from buying disposables, also landfill and save yourself from BPA and other various nasties.

And that’s it! Good to go for at least 12 hours, 3 coffees and countless daydreams about holidays abroad.

Tell me, what’s your number one necessity for daily life with a baby?

*This post is in collaboration with iconic Aussie brand Isoki.

3 thoughts on “Nappy bag necessities. 

  1. Great list. I carry a lot of the same except I tend to rely on my phone to take photos when we’re out and about these days, unless it’s a special occasion. Also, during the warmer months of the year I also make sure I have some sunscreen packed in there somewhere. #teamIBOT


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