Bridges and Bears at the State Library of Queensland. 

This Saturday, come to The Corner at The State Library for Bridges and Bears. 

Build and test a popsicle bridge
The program is a collaborative effort sponsored by Australian Engineering Week (Engineers Australia),  Women in Engineering and Save our Sanity. You can read more about these organisations by clicking through their links. 
Engilina (left) and friends
On Saturday, author Andrew King will be reading his second book – Engilina’s Bridge – with Brisbane’s very own award winning bridge engineer, Torill Pape. 

Together, Andrew, Torril and our favourite character – Munnagong’s Chief Engineer, Engilina – will be leading a fun-filled session of books, bridges and bears. Creativity will flow, bridges will be built and engineering adventures will abound for kids of all ages. 
If you’ve got a child who is interested in building (technology), reading (literacy), creativity (arts), this outing will be an engaging and interactive experience for you! 

I’ll be taking my two eldest, aged three and five, who are both keen on planning, building, predicting outcomes and testing their theories whilst exploring their world. 

Important stuff to know: 

  • Saturday 8 August 
  • 2 sessions: 12.30- 1.30 or 2.00 to 3.00
  • The Corner, State Library of Queensland
  • No bookings required, free. 
  • Suitable for kids of all ages but particularly 3-8 years. 

Activities will include: 

  • Partial reading of Engilina’s Bridge
  • Brainstorming and info gathering session 
  • Popsicle bridge – coloured pop sticks, sticky tape, paper cups and ribbon. Materials provided for making roads and laying rivers and toys that can be played with or used to test the bridges.
  • Paper plate and paper cup bridge – Paper cups, paper plates, children’s safety scissors, textas.
  • Paper loop bridges – Grey card, coloured paper for torn collage, blue glue and paper strips. 

All bridges will be able to be taken home by the participants; however, those willing to leave
their bridges for our “town area” play will be encouraged to. 

Hope to see you there for a wonderful time! 

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