How I refreshed my dining setting with Valspar Paints – in the time it took my kids to nap this weekend!

This post is sponsored by Valspar!

One of my favourite hobbies is collecting secondhand furniture.

Many are Gumtree or Ebay finds, some are from antique shops (The Wooloongabbba Antique Centre namely), some from op-shops and others, to my husband’s sheer dismay, have literally been picked up off the side of the road.

I bought this solid pine table from a local lady on Gumtree last year. I love the footed legs, the bent wood on the backs of the chairs and the detail in the grain of the tabletop. On the underside of one of the chairs I found a faded sticker from the manufacturing company. The setting originated not far from here, in a small family workshop in Mansfield in the 1980s. The history fascinates me.


What I have never brought myself to love about this piece is the colour. The orange lacquer is just not me. I have dreamed of a lighter, brighter finish for my table!

Enter Valspar. This paint brand is the hottest thing on the Australian paint market. Although the company is new to Aussie shores, it’s far from new. Valspar was founded in Boston in 1806.

In 2010 Valspar bought out Wattyl. Valspar is now stocked nationally in Masters Hardware.

When they asked me to try their product, of course I jumped at the chance to give Valspar paints a whirl.


A few days later, I received an awesome little starter kit in the mail. I poured myself a Cuppa and spent forty minutes poring through the colour brochures (my soul was happy), while my children napped. I decided upon “The Hamptons” – a crisp, yet soft white, with a definite coastal feel.

The following day I set off to my local Masters store, voucher in one hand (coffee in the other) and chose my paint. The team member I spoke with had heaps of great tips for my project and was super helpful. She warned that once I’d used Valspar I’d be hooked. In hindsight, she was spot-on.

These little cuties helping me choose a paint colour from Valspar's exciting selection!
These little cuties helping me choose a paint colour from Valspar’s exciting selection!

I decided on a satin enamel for this project.

The first step of the process was to thoroughly clean the dining setting. I’ll take this moment to remind you that I’ve got three young kids who are, (how can I put this nicely?) , grots. Cute grots, but inherently messy creatures. I used sugar soap and warm water with a kitchen sponge. I found some christmas stickers stuck on the underside of the table. Surprise!

Next I gave the chairs a light sand. I planned to use a primer which is a “no sanding required” product, but the varnish was so shiny and I wanted to give the paint something rough to grip. My boys were very good at helping me sand, then using a stiff brush to remove sanding particles.

I applied a coat of primer to each chair, next.

Once dry, I applied my first coat of my Valspar satin enamel. It was very easy to use, it glides on with minimal effort. It had hardly any odour and was very pleasant (I do love a fresh paint smell). It’s a water-based paint so also very easy to clean up at the end of each session.

Preschool Daddy (who is an incredible painter!) helped me with this part, which was quite laborious (coating 6x chairs 3x each, including primer and two coats of paint). We put on some tunes, opened a bottle of wine and got through it during an evening once the kids were asleep.

Here is a progress shot showing the different levels of paint:


Once the chairs were done, the next step was to prime and paint the table legs.

Next, I used a product called Polystripper, to remove all of the varnish from the horizontal surface of the table top. This was a stinky experience. I’ve used paint stripper on other furniture projects, and it’s important to work outside, in a shaded but well-ventilated area, because this stuff is toxic, and it smells it.

I wore these gloves:


And used a paint scraper to remove the stripper and varnish once it started to bubble.

I repeated the process in an effort to remove some of the stain. That didn’t work. You live, you learn.

Onto sanding. I used a hand-sander with medium grit sandpaper to sand back the timber to a colour I deemed acceptable for my home 😉 I just used a little sanding block to remove some pesky little bits of left over darker wood.


I cleaned with my trusty kitchen sponge and water and left to dry. I poured myself a moscato as the sun set on our four-day Easter weekend.

Two hours later, my table was dry, and used a soft dry cloth to work in some furniture wax.

This one.
This one.

I added one final coat of my Valspar paint to the table legs for added durability. Hey presto! All done!

Now, I do really, really (really really) love the colour I’ve chosen. But! If for some reason you find that the Valspar paint colour you’ve purchased just isn’t right, they have a – wait for it –  Love Your Colour Guarantee. This means, if you don’t love your colour, Valspar will replace it for FREE! Nada, zip! Read about that awesome feature here!

My table is currently enjoying some quiet time, but I’ll be back tomorrow to post the before and final after photos!

So excited right now!

Thanks for reading along. If you have any questions for me, please post below in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “How I refreshed my dining setting with Valspar Paints – in the time it took my kids to nap this weekend!

  1. Oh Bronwyn!!! They look amazing! I can’t wait to see the finished product. This is the setting i want for my dining!

    Snooping gumtree now haha


    Liked by 1 person

  2. The finished product is going to look amazing! You will get so much pleasure out of it too knowing that your hard work made something beautiful! I wish I was as clever as you with this stuff. #teamIBOT


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