Pinched from Pinterest – bat centrepiece (craft activity for Mums)

collageI waste spend a lot of time on Pinterest. And I often become so inspired to make something that it has to happen. That. Same. Day.

Today was one such day.

Would you take a look at those gorgeous little bats hanging from those branches? So cute, right?

I hope you read that last sentence in an American accent, as it was intended to be read.

Totally easy, too.

  • Branches in a bunch from The Reject Shop for $10 (quirky orange things already attached- score!)
  • 3m of 1cm thick black satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • White-out-pen. Genius, huh? I added that bit myself.

Just cut the ribbon into 15cm lengths (approximately), with slanted edges, and tie around a few stems at a time. Turn the ribbon/bat around so that the flat side faces outward. Use the White-Out pen to dot on some little eyes. All done!


It actually looks quite effective sitting there atop my dining table.

(Even if those weird little beady eyes do seem to freak out my kids while they eat their meals.)


Do you like crafting? Or do you enjoy facilitating children’s craft more? Or, is craft totally not your cup of tea? Let me know!


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