Isla and Me children’s headbands!



Rosie has a vast collection of headbands.

Often when we’re out, strangers ask me ” How do you get her to keep her headband on?”.

A wise friend told me when I was pregnant, to get her used to accessorising early on. When we brought Rosie home mere hours after her birth, she was sporting a headband.

Leaving the hospital - wearing headband.
Leaving the hospital – wearing headband.

After all the oohing and ahhhing was over, I removed her headband that day to discover a nasty little imprint on her head. From where the join behind the motif was attached. I was devastated. My poor bubba! Massive facepalm.

So I’ve been on a mission to find comfortable, safe headbands and I’ve developed a little checklist: (yes means good).

Is the join concealed by felt or other material for cushioning?

Is there no join?

Are all pieces/petals etc secured safely?

Is the headband flexible and loose enough?

I recently discovered a beautiful little children’s boutique at The Wharf, Mooloolabah, quite by accident. Inside I met the lovely owner of Isla and Me, Amy.

I bought a couple of things but my favourite is this super comfortable, safe and stylish headband!


I so absolutely love it! Just beautiful, and Rosie loves wearing it. It’s at the top of the headband rotation (and I think the other wallflower headbands are beginning to get a bit jelly!).

Anyway, pop in to Isla and Me if you’re up the coast.

And if you’re not… well there’s good news! Amy sells directly through her Facebook page at:


Or visit 6/123 Parkyn Parade, The Wharf Mooloolabah!



Competition! For your chance to win one of two sets of Isla and Me Headbands, valued at $19.90 each, head to http://www.facebook.com/preschoolmummy for details!

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6 thoughts on “Isla and Me children’s headbands!

  1. Beautiful headbands! Great competition! This is definitely true for us – whenever I try to put something on my little 10 month old be it headbands, beanies or hats – she always pulls it off!!!! Maybe I just have to persist! 😉 Rosie is sporting those headbands like a pro! 🙂 Gorgeous!


  2. Im pretty sure Im destined to never have a daughter and my husband would never let me put them on my sons 🙂 Pity they werent in fashion when I was growing up, I don’t think my hair came in til i was about 2, so I was always mistaken for a boy as I was so bald 😉

    Hello from #teamIBOT


    1. Hi chantel!!!

      My mum reckons we missed the headband thing by a year- I was an ’85 babe, and I’m making up for lost time!

      Before I had my girl I did dress my boys up once for fun!

      Hope you do have a daughter someday! Xx thanks for visiting


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