How do you relax?

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This simple question was asked to me the other day by a kind mum-friend.

“Er….um…well… I used to…”, I incoherently replied.

“No, what do you do now?”, she asked.

I drew a blank. Pre-kids I did heaps of stuff to wind down and chill. I swam laps. I had baths. I read classic literature.

Now, my only exercise is chasing my unruly toddler through the supermarket, while simultaneously juggling my baby on my hip, and restraining my (unruly) boobs with my free arm.

The closest thing I get to a spa experience is five minutes in the shower with no children present, time enough to embark on the deforestation project that is my hairy legs.

And as for my love of reading- my classics are packed in boxes and stored, and I now delight in discovering (and re-discovering) the world of children’s literature with my minis.

Last week the husband went on school camp for five days. All three of my pre schoolers were sick. We had spew, blood noses, ear infections, asthma, tantrums and sleeplessness.

The illness and the absent husband together were a bit much.

The volume of sicky laundry was overwhelming, and I was averaging about three hours sleep each night.

I was very glad to have my husband home on Friday afternoon. He insisted that I go wind down with a glass of wine and a hot bath.

I rarely (if ever) crave time away from my family, but after being on duty 24/7 (well 24/5 really), I enjoyed that twenty minutes of solace like never before.

It made me realise that I do need time alone, occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with recognising that we, as parents, need to recharge.

And, if that mini escape was offered to me any other week, I would have laughed and said “No, don’t be silly honey, it’s nearly dinner time and there’s plenty to do”. But my friend’s words rang in my ear.

How do you relax?

I felt so much better for having my bath, my wine and being alone with my own thoughts for a while.

I think I’ll make it a Friday night routine.

What do you do to unwind and relax? How do you find time?

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16 thoughts on “How do you relax?

  1. Sounds like you deserve that 20 minutes. I have found now that I don’t have toddlers and school age children it is much easier to find that 20. I still feel guilty for taking it but I have prioritised exercise and have a much needed break coming up.


  2. Oh my gosh! That week sounds horrendous. You must have been soooo exhausted. It is hard to find time to yourself when you’re a busy mum, particularly when your kids are young. I am very lucky to have my husband take the kids out for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning. I usually spend my time writing, but that is what I enjoy and it is my special me time. Visiting via #teamIBOT


  3. Mr 5 goes to daycare two days a week and I make an effort to make those days mine. Unless I have appointments (which in a round about way are still about me anyway) then I don’t do anything on those days unless I absolutely want to. Sometimes that involves catching up on sleep, and others it can be something completely boring like going grocery shopping but it’s that little bit more enjoyable because I can do it without a little person in my ear the entire time.


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