Rosie’s rosey room – decorating my daughter’s nursery.


It’s no secret that I love to shop. With my mum, with my girlfriends, with my baby daughter, alone. But I like to see myself as a discerning buyer. I don’t shop for the sake of it. I justify every purchase. Is it functional? Is there room for it? Can I live without it?

It may be a secret that I love vintage roses. Maybe not (my daughter’s nickname is Rosie, people!). The collection/obsession began when I was a very young child, and I adored my paternal grandmother’s original 1960s Royal Albert Old Country Roses china dining setting. When Nanna passed away, I was still a child and she bestowed her setting upon me. My mother has been its custodian ever since. It’s displayed in her home and comes out for special occasions. In the future (when my children are less like proverbial bulls in china shops), it will take pride of place in my own home.

Rosie's own Royal Albert collection has begun with this gorgeous Christening gift from a dear friend.
Rosie’s own Royal Albert collection has begun with this gorgeous Christening gift from a dear friend.

Until then, I satisfy my rose obsession by decorating my daughter’s room in vintage rose style. I couldn’t resist buying her this sweet Kate Finn horse for her first Christmas last year.


Years ago, when I was pregnant with our first child, I bought this lovely cushion at Mama’s Home in Windsor. It was functional, and so pretty that I couldn’t live without it. Criteria satisfied!

Isn't the fabric gorgeous?
Isn’t the fabric gorgeous?

That baby turned out to be a boy in the end, and so did the next one, and so the predominantly petal-pink cushion was protected in the nursery wardrobe. Then Rosie arrived.

I set upon a mission to find fabric to match that cushion. I wanted Rosie’s nursery setting to match, because I absolutely loved the fabric.

I searched for months in craft chain stores, small fabric carriers, online (there are search engines for fabrics! Who knew?)… everywhere.

Then one afternoon I was shopping with Preschool Daddy in Westfield Carindale and happened across Adair’s Kids. In the window display was a beautifully dressed double bed, with a quilt cover atop which matched my Rosie’s cushion! I stopped dead in my tracks and gave my husband a swift whack on the arm. “I need that setting for when Rosie’s older.”

But my day was about to get even better! Inside the store I discovered that the Monsoon also came in a cot set, with a quilted fit quilt cover and toddler pillow case!

I brought that baby home and promptly whipped it on the cot, and was thrilled to discover that it tied in so well with my Red Plum Linen cot sheet set, and my broiderie anglaise cot valance. Yay!


What I especially love about Adair’s Kids range and stores is that the designs are youthful, yet elegant. I love that the patterns are understated yet fun.

And you can also shop online, which every mother of young kids will appreciate is a great option!

I love that I can use this piece as a quilt cover with a cot quilt inserted for extra warmth in the winter, and then whip out the insert (bought separately) in summer, using the piece as a coverlet, which will be more lightweight.

Years ago I made a pact with myself regarding tacky kids linen. I have stuck by my “No licensed character” rule, but sometimes it’s been difficult (there is soooo much gaudy linen out there in the department stores!). *I have made an exception for sleeping bags. Because holidays are meant to be fun. And daggy.

I’m actually keen on some new linen for my boys’ room which is currently undergoing a makeover. They’re all about Disney Planes at the moment and as much as I love Dusty Crophopper, I do not want to see his fake-tanned orange face (complete with creepy propeller-moustache)Β peering at me from my kids beds in the dark of night. We’ve reached a compromise we are all happy with. My vintage love affair meets their aviation interest in a classic WW1 neutral and navy biplane themed room.

So, anyway, that was my epic shopping win for 2014. Thrilled, to say the least.

What’s your best shopping win this year? Maybe a bargain? Maybe something hard to find? Maybe an expensive treat you’ve always wanted?

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28 thoughts on “Rosie’s rosey room – decorating my daughter’s nursery.

  1. You sure do have an eye for nice fabrics. I’m not very talented at furnishings so my children’s rooms certainly won’t feature in any magazines!! My best shopping win would have to be a whole lot of ‘things’ for my newly renovated work space! Emily – visiting as part of #teamIBOT


  2. I’ve also avoided licensed bed linen (other than a few spares given as gifts) but am yet to purchase from adairs!
    Off I trot for an online shop πŸ™‚


  3. What perfect linen for your Rosie!! You’ve inspired me to try to resist the licenced characters for baby number three.


  4. You’ve done well! It’s so much fun making a pretty nursery isn’t it?! I love that adairs quilt cover you chose, so pretty!
    Are you going to put the rose rocking horse in the nursery too?


  5. I have a thing for roses too they are just so classic, timeless, elegant and beautiful! You have found some really great stuff! Rosie is a really lucky gal! I love Adairs Kids too – although there are times where I find their products a lil too pricey for my liking – love it when their stuff goes on sale though!


  6. I love those colours!! Can’t wait to see the boys’ room. I’ve actually got a chance to do my boys’ room now…just have to work out what I want to do with it! Probably trains…everything is Thomas here right now.


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