Surviving the Snot

Looking Glass Mama is living a parallel life to me this fortnight.

Looking Glass Mama

You may have noticed there was no Toy Tuesday this week. The toys have been putting in some pretty long hours looking after two sick boys and haven’t had energy for play, so I’ve given them the week off.

I hope they realise I intend on taking next week off myself and they’re on full parental duties.

So, the boys are still/again sick. Hard to tell if it’s new or the same illness – they sort of roll into one after a while. It’s prompted me to share some observations on parenting sick* kids.

– Kids have some sort of internal calendar that tells them when weekends, public holidays, important work meetings and compulsory family events are on. That is when they know they need to get sick.

– This calendar also syncs with the closing times of your doctor and pharmacy.

– Kids have absolutely NO concept of universal…

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