Oh no you didn’t, girl! What Rosie did next.

“I think you’ve got a little something under your eye… is it mascara?” My mum, Treasure, said to me as we sipped the cappuccinos she’d brought over last Saturday afternoon.

“Oh, no, Mum”, I said, delicately patting the skin under my eye. “Rosie got me”.

You see, breastfeeding (or cuddling, or holding)  Rosie is like wrestling with Edward Scissorhands. She scritches and she scratches, she pulls my hair, she squeezes my nose and chin… dare I say it? She’s even attempted the Nipple Cripple.


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Oh yes, I’m sorry to say, she did. Thankfully she used that move on her father. Preschool Daddy was not amused.

I’ve clipped her little nails, I’ve tried saying “no scratching” and popping her down for a bit of self-reflection. Didn’t work.

Any hints or tips to stop this and rescue my delicate skin? Love to hear!






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