Experiences at baby sleep school: Part three


“Here comes the sun”

-George Harrison

At seven am I woke up to the sweet sound of silence. She’d slept from nearly four to seven. She kept sleeping. And sleeping. When she woke up at eight, I could hear Rosie chortling in delight in her cot. Not screaming out or crying like she usually does at home. I went in to collect her with enthusiasm. She’s usually a happy baby once she gets up, but this was a new level of pure joy. She’d woken up rested and she felt amazing.

Taking in the view from our window.
Taking in the view from our window.

We headed to the dining room for breakfast and chatted with some other families. Experiences and emotions were mixed – negative to positive and all in between.

I discovered I’d forgotten a few essentials (like a hair brush, helllloo rats tails), so I decided to take Rosie to the local shops to hit up the pharmacy. I’m not going to lie. As we exited the front of the building, I did consider getting in the car and driving us off into the vast unknown -but only for a moment. We need more help, I decided. Don’t be such a wimp. I did get a taste of how truants must feel when they wag school. Minus the uniforms and the smokes. Plus the manicure and the baby, and about fifteen years give or take.


I bought the essentials and returned. Freedom tasted sweet, but I knew it was time to start the dreaded settling process.

Upon our return we were getting settled back into the room when we were fetched by a nurse to be interviewed by the Paediatric Registrar. This usually happens on the first day, but the doctor on duty yesterday had gone home sick before our arrival. This necessary appointment delayed us on our settling mission. Forty minutes later we were ready for sleep.

Rosie protested, as usual, for about thirty minutes, fell asleep for fifteen, awoke and grizzled for fifteen more, then slept for an hour and a half. Fantastic.

Things were beginning to look up. I had brushed my hair and my baby had had a sleep longer than twenty minutes. I was walking on sunshine.

Then I got a call from the receptionist at the front desk, asking me to come down. I was delighted to find a gorgeous delivery awaiting me, with a sweet card. The bouquet arrangement was called “The Bronny”, which is why it was chosen by my thoughtful husband!


I attempted to give Rosie another sleep at 3.30pm but she refused so after forty minutes we decided to take her out, as bedtime was looming.

In the late afternoon we attended a scheduled sing-along playgroup in the toy room, which was really enjoyable, and Rosie was bopping and singing along to the familiar nursery rhymes and songs.

At dinner time she was wrecked. She almost fell asleep in her bowl of mashed potato. We pushed on through a quick bath time routine, including a feed, and asked a nurse to come and help with settling. Settling took an hour.

Tonight we are going to attempt to restrict Rosie to two breastfeeds and on all other wakeups (maybe she’ll only have two like last night, please universe?) we will use comfort settling techniques.

It’s been such a long day, from my feelings of dread and upset during that seemingly endless 2am resettling, to the glorious and victorious feeling tonight when we achieved comfort settling success.


Find our what happened next, here.

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