Experiences at baby sleep school: Part four

The Middle of The Week:

I made a conscious decision on Wednesday to switch off my laptop and stop journaling. I had been using my computer as a distraction for myself when Rosie was settling and I was attempting to resist those maternal instincts yelling at me to go and pick her up. I started going down to the meals area during Rosie’s sleeps (I just had to let the nurses know where I’d be and they’d keep an eye on her). I went to education sessions, heaps of them, chatted to other families, read my book in the sun, polished my toenails and even managed to eat three square meals a day, every day I was at the centre (something I’m guilty of neglecting when at home, is my own nutrition). I was chilled. I felt that, although Rosie and I were still working toward our goal, we were making progress. She woke up only two or three times per night the whole time we were there. I felt rested and calm.

Hallelujah! This sleep thing is really great! - Rosie.
Hallelujah! This sleep thing is really great! – Rosie.

Heading Home:

On the final night of sleep school, the students and their parents exchanged contact details over warm Milo in the communal dining room. We’d bonded, in a way, sharing horror stories of our sleepless bubbas, and celebrating our achievements on the final night in the centre seemed appropriate. And everyone had success, to some degree. Some families were staying on for a longer stay.

Early on the Friday, I received our discharge summary and gathered up all of the resources I’d collected during education sessions over the course of the week. We drove the thirty minutes home, and Rosie fell asleep in the car (leaving so early was my attempt at avoiding this). On our first day home, she only managed a total of 40 minutes sleep, spread over two rest times.

But that night, our first back at home, baby girl slept through the night for the first time since she was seven weeks old. She woke up for two feeds, but resettled beautifully. She’s done this every night since, and I have so much hope and positivity for our journey ahead. Yawn, I’m off to bed! My baby’s asleep and I’m pretty sure she won’t be awake until after eleven.

Thanks for reading about our journey to a better night’s sleep, with the assistance of sleep school. All the best on your journey.

sleep school rules

For the rules of sleep school, click here.


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