Save your sleep and your sanity: The best $12 an exhausted and desperate mother can spend.


I recently had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Rowena Bennet, author of the Your Baby series. Rowena is an experienced midwife, a child health nurse, a published author and generally a Baby Sleep Guru. Listening to her speak, and putting her plan in to practise has given fantastic results. My daughter who was previously waking up to eight times each night, now wakes for two routine feeds, and self settles back to sleep.

I’ve read all the other books. I’ve looked in to saving our sleep and tried to find my daughter’s inner contented little baby. But those weren’t for us, I just could never see those prescribed-routine, robot-baby books working in our family. To each their own.

In all other aspects of parenting, Preschool Daddy and I attempt to respond to our children and their needs according to the various situations and contexts that arise within family life. So it makes perfect sense to us to follow Rowena’s guide, which is essentially the Responsive Settling technique.

Her e-Book is available here, and costs less than $12. It’s also available in paperback. It’s worth a try, and it’s working for us.

Rowena also has a website, www.babycareadvice.com , where her staff offer phone, skype and email consultations for parents. (Fees apply.)

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