Dear Mom Unintentionally Consoling Me For Having Boys. Thank You, But I’m OK.

Shout out to all my boy mamas! Don’t let the haters get you down. Boys rock! Being and having a brother is amazing! Mothering boys is rewarding and exciting and fantastic.


Since giving birth to my first son, Five Year Old, I couldn’t help but notice the diplomatically suppressed glimmer of hope in the eyes of friends, random acquaintances and people I’d met on the bus whenever our so-what-do-you-have conversation died down and they surmised: well, the next one will be a girl then! The funny thing is that I wasn’t looking for reassurance. I didn’t feel like there had to be a girl in order for me to feel happy. Or maybe accomplished or fulfilled was the adjective they had in mind. I wasn’t just totally fine, I was head over heels and in no need whatsoever of consolation. I knew, of course, that they were driven by pure kindness, wishing upon me what had felt to them like the greatest possible joy to be experienced in this life and I was touched.

And then I went ahead and got pregnant…

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