Paper Flowers for Mother’s Day



My little guys and I made these this week. I adapted an idea I’d seen on Pinterest where the crafter used empty thread spools (these looked really quaint). Unfortunately we didn’t have any of those. But we did have plastic shot glasses (jelly shot, anyone?) in the very back corner of our pantry, and they did the job just fine!

I will say, this craft was a little tricky for preschoolers. My four year old was the chief cutter-outer for this one, and for his pot of three flowers he had to cut out 15 love hearts and fold them in half. That was about the extent of his attention span as it took him 40 minutes to complete. Oh and he also stirred the plaster and placed the chenille sticks in the day before.

My two year old gave up a lot sooner than 40 minutes, leaving me to complete his one.

(per pot) You’ll need:

  • coloured paper (we used a cut up Pandora catalogue, cut up coloured envelopes, and brown paper).
  • 2 green chenille sticks, cut into even halves (only 3 halves required)
  • a heart shaped template (we used a cookie cutter but you could make one up by drawing a heart onto cardboard and cutting it out)
  • plaster powder
  • pop stick
  • plastic shot glasses ($2 at discount shop for 12)
  • coloured buttons
  • stapler
  • dressmaking pin
  • pen (biro)


  1.  Gather materials
  2. Mix plaster according to packet instructions.
  3. Pour plaster into pots. Leave to set overnight.
  4. Place three sticks into each pot
  5. Trace heart shapes onto coloured paper (5 hearts per flower, 15 for a bunch of three)
  6. Cut out heart shapes
  7. Fold hearts in half
  8. Gather five hearts together to form petals of the flower. Space them evenly, then staple twice to secure in the centre.
  9. Hold button onto centre of flower. Poke pin through stack of petals where the buttonholes are. Take button away and enlarge holes with biro.
  10. Poke chenille stick up through one of the holes, then through the button, then back down through the other hole in the button, through the paper stack and secure by folding back on itself (so that it doesn’t slip back through the hole).
  11. Repeat for as many flowers you’d like in your pot!

Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday, everyone!


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