Rainbow Jelly!



This is such a simple activity but it looks so effective! It would be fabulous for a simple birthday party treat, but we used ours for the children’s desserts on Easter Sunday.

It’s also a great lesson in patience for the children!

You’ll need:

  • 7 packs of jelly in the colours of the rainbow
  • water
  • kettle
  • plastic jug
  • wooden spoon
  • clear plastic cups
  • large tray

What to do:

  1. Stack the jelly boxes in the order you’re going to use them. From bottom to top: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue (lemonade flavour), dark blue, purple. Use the purple first, then work your way down the stack.
  2. Simply prepare the indigo/purple jelly as per packet instructions. I mixed my jelly in my Sistema plastic jug for ease of pouring.
  3. (I did the boiling water part before I let the boys into the kitchen. Once I’d added the cool water, I let the “stirrer” (2 y.o) stir with the wooden spoon, then let the “pourer” (4 y.o) pour a centimeter of liquid into each cup). Although it says on the pack that it’s a minimum four-hour setting time, I found the jelly needed to set overnight to be firm enough to stand up to warm liquid jelly of the next colour being introduced.
  4. Continue until all packs are used.



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