Rainbow Songs for preschoolers!

If you only know one rainbow song, and your child loves rainbows, you will. go. insane.

But on the up-side, he’ll learn his colour names in order really fast.

But on the down-side, your two younger children will probably scream in loud protest every time you have to drive anywhere with aforementioned preschooler belting out incorrect lyrics to “I can sing a rainbow”, when you’re all trapped in the confined space of your station wagon. Oh, just me again? Sorry guys.

Back to happy happy rainbows! Here’s a selection of rainbow songs:

This ol’ favourite:

This country/western/hawaiian hybrid:

Relive your childhood Wizard Of Oz memories here:

Upbeat and cheerful:



* Quick little note: If you plan on sharing your favourite Youtube children’s vid to your kids, and they can read, maximise the video screen so that the comments aren’t visible. There are some awful, sad people out there who think it’s funny (or something) to write vulgar comments under innocent, G-rated Youtube content. Sad that this has to be mentioned, but there it is.



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