Duplo colour sort and positioning: rainbow

Duplo colour sort and positioning activity
Duplo colour sort and positioning activity


This activity was so much fun, and my four year old and two year old loved working together, so it was great multi-age play in the end!

Here’s what we did:

1. Tip every piece of Duplo they own onto the carpet. (Everyone thinks this part is super fun!)

2. Say “Hey, why don’t we put all the red Duplo together over here?” (Two year old takes up idea, four year old begins constructing Duplo monster truck)

3. After red and orange piles are done, suggest again “We’re going to make a pile of yellow blocks now, would you like to help?” (Two year old begins yellow group and four year old abandons monster truck and says “I know! I’ll make blue!”)

4. Have all groups spaced out on the carpet  (Mummy begins to regret differentiating between blue and indigo and including violet on the chart because there are no indigo blocks and there is only one remotely purple, ahem, violet block. Mummy hopes four year old won’t notice. Mummy has no such luck.)

5. Bring over rainbow colour vocab chart onto the carpet. I start placing a few blocks along the corresponding arcs. “Why don’t we arrange the colours like a rainbow?” Says Master Four. Bingo! Engagement!

6. Boys spend next ten minutes placing the bricks down, arranging them, manipulating them so that more will fit, talking about colours, negotiating with each other.

7. Mummy grabs cup of tea opportunity by the horns (and then grabs camera for evidence of peaceful, meaningful play experience her kids are enjoying).


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