Beginning to write with style – Free School Font Downloads

Will is pretty good at writing his name, so now we are working on pencil grip, looking at the letter sounds and attempting to write using the QBeginners style. I’ll let you know how we go with that!

Practice makes perfect as the old adage goes, and while we’re certainly not aiming for perfection, establishing correct practices from the beginning is favourable as this prevents your child having to re-learn the skills once he or she begins kindergarten, prep or school.

If you’re in Queensland, you may wish to download the QBeginners script to help your child learn to write in the state’s standard style.

You can find it here, along with QCursive for your older children, and both fonts can be downloaded to your computer for free. There are also fonts for other states and NZ available for download on this site.

We use writing in many ways during our play, including making signs for dramatic play games, writing shopping lists together, writing cards and letters, writing down recipes or recording ideas for new games when they pop into our heads!

Enjoy this great resource!

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