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Paper plate Easter bunny craft

Easter Bunny Keepsake Craft for Babies

Here’s a craft idea for your littlest bunny to have a crack at (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

You’ll need :

  • two disposable paper dinner plates,
  • some coloured paint,
  • some white paint,
  • a stapler
  • craft glue
  • A4 sheet of white card
  • and a photo of your baby’s face, large enough to fit in the centre (flat) panel of a plate with a one-inch border (or larger border).

Some extra embellishments you might like to use are:

  • chenille stick whiskers
  • a coloured bow
  • a small pom pom for the nose

Easter bunny keepsake craft with footprints

Let’s begin!

1. Mix some coloured paint with some white paint to make a pastel colour. We used red + white to make a pale pink.

2. Have your baby finger paint two of the plates with the coloured paint. I supplied her with a tray of paint to re-dip as she pleased. My baby is six months old and needed some help to place her fingers on the plates (rather than on the tablecloth, the high chair, her mouth, her hair…you get the drift).

baby footprint keepsake

3. While baby’s plates are drying, take some imprints of his or her feet. You’ll need four (two of each foot), and these *should* fit on once A4 piece of card, but in case of a slip, skid or other mistake, it may be best to have extra card on hand. I ran a bath, stripped her off to her nappy and took my paint tray, brush and a big old towel in to the bathroom floor, where I lay her down. I painted her feet with the paint brush, then lifted the card to her foot and pressed them together. I think this is the safest way to do this, bringing the paper to the foot while the child is in a safe position. Having them sit in the high chair would be another safe option while you gather the foot prints. Set aside to dry.

4. Next, mummy needs to paint the ear shapes and footprint shapes over the child’s coloured footprints. You’ll need a left ear, a right ear, a left foot and a right foot. Trim one of your paper plates around the inner rim of the plate’s corrugated edge so you have one large circle and one smaller circle (the body and the head).


5. When those parts are dry, cut around the ears in a bunny ear shape, and trim the feet using the baby’s footprint as a guide.

Easter bunny footprint keepsake baby

6. Staple the two plates together. You may choose to cover the staple with a bow tie made of ribbon, affixed with craft glue.

7. Glue the baby’s face photo, the ears and the feet into place.

8. Add whiskers using a staple, and a little pom pom nose to cover the staple if you please.

We are using ours to give as gifts at our Easter lunch!

Learn and play

Sensory learning:

I’ve included this activity under the category of “craft’, but it’s really a play-based experience for your young child also.

Although it may seem that your baby’s actual involvement in this process is minimal, there are several learning opportunities in this activity.

Using their fingers and toes to paint is a rich learning experience for babies. Infants explore the world through touch, and enjoy using their senses to learn. They enjoy moving the paint through their little fingers, squishing it around on the tray, discovering its silky texture and cool feel. Your baby may enjoy watching you mix the paint, cut out the materials and join them all together to make a finished product. He or she will also enjoy hearing you use the language involved in creating, so talk to your baby as you go through the steps.

When we did this activity at home earlier this week, baby Rosie finger painted for a long time. She was enjoying her learning so I provided more and more plates for her to decorate. We tried hand prints, finger dots, pinching the paper between painted fingers, making swirly lines. It was a lot of fun!


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