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Paint sample Easter garland craft

Easter craft garland egg

This is a lovely craft activity which is doing the rounds on Pinterest at the moment. Will and I decided to give it a whirl. We collected the paint colour cards at our local Bunnings. This is a great, low-cost craft activity and the finished product is a lovely way to decorate your home for Easter.


You’ll need:

  • paint colour cards from the local hardware store
  • twine, string, wool or raffia
  • hole punch
  • children’s scissors

Let’s begin!

1. Prepare: Using your marker, trace around your egg-shaped object (ie potato masher) onto your firm card. Cut this out and use it as a template, tracing around it with your marker on the backs of each of your paint colour cards.

2. Put out a pair of scisors, a length of string, and a set of cards per child. I labelled mine for each son and had them ready at the table for after rest time.


3. Have your preschooler cut out each of the egg shapes.

Easter craft garland egg

4. Next, it’s time to punch two holes into the top of each egg.

Easter craft garland egg

5. Help your child thread each egg onto the piece of string or wool, working from the underside, coming up and over and then back down again and through to the next. Done!


Learn and play:

During this activity, my preschooler, Will, and I shared lots of learning! Using his scissors extends his fine motor skills and dexterity. He thinks through the process and concentrates as he simultaneously turns the paper, and moves his fingers together and apart to work the scissors, all while attempting to follow along the marker line. There’s a lot of learning going on there and I can see by looking through my photos of the activity that his little face is a picture of concentration and effort! Un-prompted, he used his early numeracy skills to count the cards, and told me the colours he had, and some colours he’s missing. We played a memory game where I showed him the eggs in the order shown above, then jumbled them up and he tried to order them in the same way.



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