Up-cycled change table craft trolley.

In my first year of teaching I was assigned a Grade One class. It was a new class, as the school had grown, and I was allocated a budget for new resources to deck out my classroom. I soon discovered that educational resources are expensive! As I flicked through my SDS (State Distributory Service as it was back then) catalogue, I realised that my budget would not go far. One of my splurge purchases was a timber Collage Trolley on wheels. When it arrived I absolutely loved it, and vowed to myself that when the day came, and I had my own children, I’d buy one for my home. It looked a little something like this:

craft trolley

Fast forward to the future, seven years later. The realities of life as a single-income family of five have well and truly set in. A collage trolley from an educational catalogue is an expense that is, to put it nicely, totally out of the question! So what could I use? I took a look around and came up with this:



Of course, this one’s just a test run for us, because for now I still have a little baby bot to change on our table, but I’m pleased to know it will have a second life in our home sometime in the not-too-distant future! Way to go up-cycling!

What baby furniture have you up-cycled in your home?


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